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Young Group (Ages 5-9)

If you are looking into getting your child started up in tennis at a young age, Courtyard Tennis and Swim holds quickstart tennis programs that feed into our Intermediate class. For information on beginner tennis call Courtyard at 1-512-345-4700.

Intermediate Group (Ages 8-14)

This is our entry level competitive program. It is designed for those who are, or soon to be, involved in USA Team Tennis, a weekly citywide team event. Workouts are geared toward preparing players for their upcoming years of competitive play. Our emphasis is placed on:

  • developing proper technique and spin on all fundamental strokes
  • directional control and consistency
  • basic court awareness
  • movement/agility training
  • basic singles and doubles strategy

Time: School season 4:30-6:30; Summer season 12:00-2:00
Days: Monday, Tuesday, and Friday
Qualifications: Approved by Staff

Price Per Month:
1 day/wk: $160 Courtyard Member/$200 Non Member
2 day/wk: $280 Courtyard Member/$330 Non Member
3 day/wk: $400 Courtyard Member/$450 Non Member

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Intermediate Tennis Group
hitting forehand

Competitive Group


This program is designed to guide, train, and coach the upper level junior. We create a serious yet fun environment, so be prepared to laugh and work hard. In each session, we emphasize:

  • directional patterns of play
  • match play/pressure situations
  • agility training and conditioning
  • mental toughness training
  • the players individual needs through goal setting

In addition, coaches will analyze each players game during matches, both at practice and during tournaments. We strongly believe in the importance of match structure and mental toughness. As part of our commitment to player development, our coaches will be at the various leveled USTA tournaments on the weekends to give your kids much needed feedback and coaching. There is a small fee associated with the coaching. However, this is  one of the many things that make our program special and unique.

Practice Schedule:

Monday- Feeding Drills Day

On Mondays, we focus on point scenarios in the form of drills. This teaches the player the importance of playing smart and building the point.

Tuesday- Live Ball Day

On Tuesdays, all the players group up and rally with a partner. On these days, the player hits lots of balls and learns the value of consistency.

Wednesday- Match Play Day

On Wednesdays, players will compete against each other to improve their match toughness

Thursday- Match Play or Drills

Players will play matches to prepare for any tournaments they have that weekend or they will drill to work on shots if they aren't playing a tournament.

Friday- Doubles Play (4:45-6:45)

On Friday, players will team up to work on their doubles strategy and tactics. Must have Pro approval to join.

Time: School season 4:45 – 7:00 pm;                   Summer season 12:00-2:30
Days: Monday- Friday
Qualifications: Approved by Staff
Price Per Month:
*Up to 10 days per month (Monday, Tuesday, Friday): $350 Courtyard Member/$400 Non Member

*Up to 10 days per month (Any day available Monday-Friday): $400 Courtyard Member/$450 Non Member

*11+ days per month: $500 Courtyard Members/$550 Non Member
Off Campus PE is 3:45-7:15 pm: $600

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Summer Camps

Summer is a great time to hone skills you already have or learn a new skill that you didn't have time to practice during the school year. Monday-Thursday, your beginner or intermediate level player will enjoy tennis camp from 8:30AM-12PM.  Click here to register for a summer program. Note: If you have a competitive, tournament-ready player, you should consider registering through the competitive program which continues through the summer.